Santorini is the perfect place to host your elopement.

If you’re on this blog post, you may or may not want to plan an elopement in Santorini, Greece.. yes?!

If you’re dreaming of tying the knot in one of the most romantic places on Earth, look no further than Santorini, Greece. This breathtaking island is home to stunning cliff-top villages, sun-soaked beaches, and crystal clear waters.

In this blog post, we’ll cover everything from the costs of a Santorini elopement to the best photography locations on the island. We’ll also answer some frequently asked questions about Santorini, like how to get there and where to stay.

So if you’re ready to say “I do” on this beautiful Greek island, keep reading!

How To Elope In Santorini, Greece

Santorini is effortlessly romantic, making it a top destination for couples who want to elope. While there are many ways to elope in Santorini, here are a few tips to help make your big day as special as possible. 

Step #1: How Much Does A Santorini Elopement Cost?

While the cost of getting married in Santorini will vary depending on your specific plans, there are a few things that can add up quickly.

First, Santorini is a popular destination, and the fact that it’s an island makes it slightly trickier to get to. That means airfare can be pricey.

A man and woman standing on the edge of the walkway in Oia, Santorini.
View of the village of Oia in Santorini.

Second, the island has a limited number of hotel rooms, so accommodation costs can be high during peak season.

But while Santorini may be renowned for its expensive resorts, there are still plenty of affordable accommodation options available for eloping couples.

Finally, Santorini is home to some of the best restaurants in Greece, so if you’re planning on celebrating your elopement with a nice dinner, be prepared to spend a bit more than you would at home.

So here are some actual figures to help you estimate your budget. The average cost of a basic Santorini elopement package, which includes the ceremony, photographer, and other basic elements, is around $5,000.

However, if you add in extras like a videographer, flowers, or a rehearsal dinner, the cost can increase to around $8,000.

With all that said, Santorini is still an incredible place to elope and the extra cost is worth it for many couples. If you’re willing to splurge on your elopement, Santorini should definitely be at the top of your list.

Step #2: Where To Elope In Santorini

The stunning volcanic landscape, beautiful sunsets, and intimate vibe make Santorini the perfect place to tie the knot. If you’re looking for a truly romantic setting for your elopement ceremony, here are three of the most scenic locations on the island:

➡️ Oia

This charming village is located at the northern tip of Santorini. The maze of narrow streets and alleyways is lined with traditional Greek architecture, making it the perfect setting for a romantic elopement ceremony. 

Laura sitting on the edge of Santorini.

This quaint little town is known for its stunning sunsets, and there’s no better place to watch the sun dip below the horizon than from the edge of the caldera (a cauldron-like volcanic depression that forms Santorini’s half-moon-shaped bay).

There are plenty of romantic spots to exchange your vows, whether it’s in front of a charming church or with one of Santorini’s famous windmills as your backdrop.

➡️  Imerovigli

Located just south of Oia, this village is known as “the balcony of the Aegean”. The traditional houses are built in a way that forms an amphitheater around the caldera.

Imerovigli is a great place for a Santorini elopement.

Imerovigli is also Santorini’s “blue zone,” meaning that it has some of the bluest waters on the island. It’s also home to some of Santorini’s most luxurious hotels and resorts.

And Unlike Oia, which can be quite crowded during peak season, Imerovigli is a much quieter destination, making it ideal for couples looking for a more intimate setting. 

➡️ Vlychada Beach

This pristine beach is located on the south coast of the island of Santorini. It’s known for its unique cliff formations that look as if they’ve been carved by a sculptor.

Vlychada Beach is perfect for a sunset elopement ceremony in Santorini

Although Vlychada Beach is easily accessible by car or bus, it’s still relatively off the beaten path, making it less crowded. This makes it the perfect place for couples who want to have a more intimate ceremony.

With its dark volcanic sand and crystal clear water, Vlychada Beach will provide an otherworldly backdrop to your elopement photos. And be sure to check out Theros Wave Bar to celebrate your big day.

Step #3: Best Time To Elope In Santorini

If you’re thinking of eloping to Santorini, the best time to do it is between April and June. During these months, the weather is warm and sunny, but not too hot. The landscape is also incredibly lush and green, thanks to the spring rains.

A couple kissing in Santorini for their elopement.
A couple eloping in Santorini, Greece.

Alternatively, mid-September to early October is also a good time to plan your romantic getaway. The weather will be perfect for Santorini’s signature beach activities, and the water will be at its warmest after all the summer sun.

If you’re eloping on a budget and want to avoid crowds, you’ll definitely want to give July and August a miss. This is Santorini’s peak summer season when prices escalate and throngs of tourists descend on the island.

Step #4: How To Legally Elope In Santorini

The island’s stunning views, romantic sunsets, and secluded beaches make it the perfect place to say your vows. But there are a few steps you need to take to make sure your Santorini elopement is legal. 

Santorini is full of beauty spots for your elopement photos

First, you’ll need to obtain a marriage license from the Greek government. You can do this by contacting the local town hall or by visiting the Greek consulate in your home country.

Once you have your license, you’ll need to find an officiant. Santorini has many wonderful officiants who can help you create a personalized ceremony that reflects your unique relationship.

Lastly, all you need to do is decide on the perfect location to exchange your vows. Many couples opt for a simple ceremony at the town hall, while others prefer one of the iconic blue-domed churches, or on a dramatic clifftop.

Step #5: Book Your Santorini Elopement Photographer + Videographer

To find your perfect Santorini elopement photographer or videographer, the first thing you need to do is examine their portfolio.

A couple getting married with Santorini in the background.

Do you want dreamy and romantic photos? Or something a little more candid and natural? Once you’ve narrowed it down to a few Santorini-based vendors whose style you love, read their reviews and get a sense of what past clients have said about their experience.

Then be sure to contact your chosen photographer or videographer well in advance, to secure them for the date of your big day.

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Santorini Elopement: FAQs

We hope the information provided so far has been useful for planning your dream elopement on a fairytale Greek island. But just in case, here are a couple more frequently asked questions:

How To Get To Santorini

Getting to Santorini is pretty straightforward; simply hop on a plane to Athen’s International Airport, and then catch a connecting flight to Santorini.

Once you arrive, there are plenty of transportation options to get you to your final destination. You can take a bus, taxi, or even rent a car. Just be sure to have your hotel information handy so that you can tell your driver where to go.

Where To Stay In Santorini

To finish planning your Santorini elopement, book your accommodations way ahead of time! Here are a few of our favorites:

Iconic Santorini – A Boutique Cave Hotel

Located in the town of Imerovigli, the Iconic Santorini boutique hotel is literally carved into the cliffside. Each room is unique with its own personal veranda. The Iconic Santorini offers stunning views of the bay below and it’s perfect for couples seeking a private getaway.

Enjoy a romantic elopement in Santorini with your own private pool

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Kapari Natural Resort

Certified as a National Geographic ‘Unique Lodge of the World’, this unique hotel consists of a 300-year-old complex of traditional cliff dwellings that has been recently restored. With only 22 suites, Kapari Resort is the perfect place to enjoy some peace and quiet with your significant other.

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Hotel Kavalari

Hotel Kavalari is located in Fira and it offers a comfortable, one-of-a-kind stay in a converted fishing captain’s house. Each room is built directly into the cliffside with its own terrace, offering spectacular sunset views.

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With its white-washed buildings, blue-domed churches, and breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea, Santorini is truly a place straight out of a fairy tale.

Santorini is also a great choice for couples who want to keep their elopement a secret. With its hidden coves and secluded beaches, Santorini is the perfect place to escape the prying eyes of family and friends.